Get to Know Us:

YXGAMES was started in May 2011, and the company was established in Dec 2011. Our main market is the mobile scene, but we make cross-platform mobile games. Our studio includes talented people from IBM, Zynga, Tencent and other renowned companies, and our core members have more than 10 years of game development experience under their belts.

We create high-quality games that embrace fun for our users with China's game brand.

We're your everyday worker in the massive crowd; living and working with friends and family, experiencing the walks of daily life. We're also different, in that our fiery passion is buried beneath our common appearance, and our sweat and tears drive our very pursuit of achieving our dreams.

We love games, and we love creating them. As long as we can continue our journey, we will work hard to make great games. We create joy, and we believe that as long as we work hard, the world will more or less be far better for it, even if just a little.

We hope more of you join us. People who share our ideals and work towards our shared goals, that is satisfaction in itself.


Address: Beijing Chaoyang Dist. Beiyuan Rd No13 Lingdi office C#701


Tel: (86)010-53666778